It’s been a hectic few months (in fact, it’s been busy all year, busier than I remember from previous years!) and this request almost slipped by me:

I have been charged with the task of creating staff development for the District…I read your recent entry “Creating an Oasis of Virtual Learning: 7 Steps to Avoiding the Mirage #moodle” with great interest. It’s like you wrote with me in mind – timely and fantastic!

I intended to preview all of the courses that you listed with these purposes: To identify and customize those courses which I think that we could use, and to analyze and learn from the construction of the courses so that I can learn from your skills in order to create more effective courses for staff development.

What a wonderful opportunity to share the work we’re doing and about. I had recently shared much of the work my team and I were doing–so as to “give back” to the generosity of others who had shared with us–but had taken down all the materials because of the recent security issues.

Slowly, those course have been going back online and being made available here as “backed up Moodle courses” you can restore. Find them online.

In the meantime, it’s pretty amazing the resources we have access to for instructional design.

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