TCEA recently announced their listservs were going down for maintenance. As I reflected on this, it occurred to me that I now had the tools I needed to create the kind of online space I had always wanted for TCEA to have for me as a technology education coordinator…so, I set out to do just that.

I took a look at several solutions but in the end chose to use Moodle…it was free, didn’t require much setup and it’s a great way to introduce folks. And, if later on, the whole site needs to be moved to another host, it won’t be that difficult.

Here’s my email to Texas Education Technology Coordinators/Directors…email me separately for the enrollment key:

Listserv down? In that case, for those of you that will need your daily technology fix, I’d be happy to welcome you to participate in the free, open discussion forums at the Learning with Technology Corner (LTC) Forums, open to Technology Education Coordinators/Director and anyone else who is on this list!


  • Frequently Asked Questions like the ones shared here
  • Ability to easily add YOUR question to the FAQ
  • Have forum postings sent to you via email, subscribe via RSS to ONE feed or read online–whatever meets your needs.
  • Upload documents you want to share with others, such as policies and procedures, as well as tutorials, etc.
  • Education professionals in K-16, including retired professional educators, are welcome

1. Access it online at
2. Create an account
3. Use enrollment key of [REMOVED] without quotes to get in!

Or, if you get stuck, drop me an email at “” with your email.

See you online!

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