What are the top 7 apps you’re most thankful for on Windows? Macintosh?


  1. TrueCrypt – allows me to keep my data secure no matter whether it’s on the hard drive or USB flash drive.
  2. Tweetdeck – easily manage tweets, etc. using this.
  3. MPEG Streamclip – easily convert video on a Mac, something that was missing when Visual Hub disappeared.
  4. The UnArchiver – allows me to easily handle zillions of compressed files, no matter what the format.
  5. TextWrangler – great, easy to use text word processor.
  6. Skitch – just incredibly awesome tool to annotate images, etc. I use it every day for everything.
  7. Jing Pro – Best $15 I’ve spent on an application for video screen captures. Wow, like Skitch, I use it every day.
  1. PSPad – great text/php file editor. One of my first installs on any Windows computer I touch.
  2. Filezilla FTP – FTP program that I use on both Windows and Mac, but it’s essential for my work on Windows computers.
  3. CCleaner – great for cleaning out the registry, uninstalling programs, just a great all-around tool.
  4. FormatFactory – audio/video conversion tool that’s easy to use and works most of the time.
  5. VLC MediaPlayer – wonderful audio/video player that just works. I love that it plays Quicktime without me having to install Quicktime Player on my computer.
  6. SpywareBlaster – innoculate your computer against spyware…what else need be said?
  7. 7zip – easy to use compression program that makes extracting/compressing files a breeze via right-mouse click.
So, what software are you thankful for?

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