One of the comments on a previous entry–Converting Videos on Various Operating Systems–asked the following question:

Anyone knows a good program to easily encode/transcode to Ogg Theora?

Here’s a brief overview of the Ogg format:

Ogg Vorbis is an open source, high quality audio compression technology that free for anyone to use and build encoders/players for. This is different from MP3 which is controlled by patent companies like Fraunhofer IIS that charge a fee for every copy of an MP3 encoder. Ogg provides better compression without loss of quality due to the improved encoding process.


There are a variety of programs for getting the job done…I keep encode from my audio CDs to OGG format. To get the job done, here is a list of my current favorites, but if you have another, please don’t hesitate to share!



  • Max –  Max can generate audio in over 20 compressed and uncompressed formats including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, Apple Lossless, Monkey’s Audio, WavPack, Speex, AIFF, and WAVE. (note that you may need a program like GUI-TAR to uncompress it)
  • OGG Drop X


If I’ve left out your favorite OGG encoder, please share it!

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