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This is one of those moments that reminds me many a time in my youth when I watched the video above. Of course, it’s not really a valid comparison…but it’s fun to make the connection.

Wednesday morning, the call came in regarding the TCEA Area 20 Election Results. The news? Jennifer Faulkner, the current Area 20 Director, will continue to serve as Director for another two years. I immediately sent her a congratulatory note. Although my initial reaction was relief, I have to admit to disappointment. Both feelings–contradictory as they are–are ones I can reconcile (don’t forget, I’m a Libra striving for balance (smile)).

Thanks to all of you who voted for me in the TCEA Area 20 election!

This past weekend, I was reflecting what I’d like to see happen in Area 20. While I’ve explored that in some detail in previous blog entries, I’d like to quickly touch on these items and expand a bit:

  1. To increase transparency in Area decisions, we really do need a blog that shares what is going on, what activities, etc. While I’ve certainly seen more activity in the last few months via email from TCEA Area 20, it would be great to see these emails appear via blog post with automatic feed into Twitter and Facebook. Using a tool like Friendfeed would make that process a one click operation.
  2. Setup a monthly podcast that features best practices in TCEA Area 20 to start with, and then moves on from there to other topics and issues. Sharing what is happening in TCEA Area 20 is the important thing.
  3. As I shared before, TCEA Area 9 employs an area council. The area council in TCEA Area 20 would maintain an Area President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, and Treasurer. These positions are voted on through the TCEA Area 9 membership…no reason why they couldn’t be for Area 20.
  4. Scholarships for Area students. One of the wealthiest Areas, Area 20 should consider what Area 9 does…using funding, generate $750 scholarships to area graduating seniors related to a TCEA member to apply. Also, offer a $1000 mini-grant to an area TCEA member who is a teacher.
The TCEA Area 9 folks organize their officers in this way…

Area 9 TCEA would be directed under a council consisting of the following seats:

Area Director




Communications Director

One Member-At-Large from each steering committee

All functions of the association would be presented to and approved by this council.

Council seats would be elected every 2 years on a rotational basis of: Area Director/Vice-President/Communications Director and President/Treasurer/Secretary on alternating years. Members-at-large would be selected by respective committees each year.

Steering committees would include the following:

Education – Chaired by the President

  • Charged with planning and implementing educational events and activities for students and educators in Region 9.

Area Conference – Chaired by the Vice-President

  • Charged with coordinating Area 9/ Region 9 ESC Technology and Media Conference

Contest – Chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer

  • Charged with planning and coordination of area and state contests

Membership – Chaired by the Communications Director

  • Charged with coordination of member recruitment, membership correspondence including the Area 9 website.

The Area Director would serve as a liaison member on all committees. The President would serve as the liaison when the Area Director is not able to attend.

Of course, those are just suggestions! I wish Jennifer a great term and can only hope that TCEA will continue to evolve.

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