Wondering what the latest research is, but lack access to Gale Resources or Proquest? There are now ample resources, and thanks to the list compiled by the OnlineCollege blog linked below. Although there are many peer-reviewed journals online at the site below, here are a few of the ones that I’ll be following and subscribing to.

There’s no reason why teachers need not know what the latest research has to say about their work, and no reason why “ivory tower” academics can’t share their research with the very people who need to read it most…and be able to do it while securing tenure through publication in peer-reviewed journals!!

Read the Complete list online at 100 Excellent Open Access Journals for Educators | Online College Tips – Online Colleges

  • The following open access journals provide top-notch scholarly information available at no cost. Most of these journals are published just once or a few times a year, so subscribe to several so you can keep up-to-date on the latest research coming out of the field of education.
  • Journal of Curriculum and Instruction. The articles here focus on research and practice relevant to pre K-12 education.
  • The School Community Journal. The mission of this journal is to unite the entire community of teachers, parents, and students to work in the interest of successful education.
  • Insight. This annual journal focuses on research-based articles, case studies, and innovation in teaching, learning, and assessment.
  • Networks. Kindergarten through postgraduate teachers share research on classroom practices in an effort to improve effectiveness.
  • International Journal of Progressive Education. Explore the possibilities of the future of education by looking at such issues as multicultural education, new literacies, and globalization.
  • Practical Assessment, Research & Evaluation. This journal provides scholarly articles on research and ideas about educational practices
  • Research in Middle Level Education Online. Read studies, cases, and research relevant to middle school education and young adolescents.
  • The Open Education Journal. This open access journal offers information on contemporary education and learning.

  • Education Next. This evidence-based journal highlights current research in education policy and school reform.
  • Education Policy Analysis Archives. Available in both English and Spanish, the articles here focus on current policy in American education.

    Florida Journal of Educational Administration & Policy. Publishing peer-reviewed articles on education administration and policy, this journal invites readers from K-12 and higher education settings.

  • Current Issues in Comparative Education. With voices from teachers, students, policy-makers, and academics, this journal explores contemporary educational issues.
  • Journal for Critical Education Policy Studies. Examining a variety of policy approaches to education, this journal is specifically an exploration of Marxist and Left analyses of education.
  • Academic Leadership. Learn about cultivating leadership in both public school and higher education settings.
  • International Journal of Teacher Leadership. This peer-reviewed journal offers information on the practice and research of teacher leadership in their annual publications.
  • The ALAN Review. This journal provides information relevant to teaching literature to teens.
  • Kairos. This journal explores the language arts and rhetoric through the use of new media.
  • Computers and Composition Online. Learn about technology as a tool to teaching and learning literacy in this journal.
  • The Journal of the Imagination in Language Learning and Teaching. Aimed at teachers of language in K-12 and college, this journal examines the use of imagination in teaching first and secondary languages.
  • Language Learning & Technology. This journal is specifically for teachers of second and foreign language and how teaching and learning can be enhanced through the use of technology.
  • Journal of Museum Studies. Students and faculty involved in museum studies will benefit from the articles in this publication.
  • Journal of Educational Technology & Society. These articles serve to unite those who design technology systems for education and those educators who implement and manage these systems to work together for the greater good of education.
  • Meridian. This journal provides information on technology in middle school education.
  • International Journal of Educational Technology. A joint venture between the US and Australia, this journal provides scholarly articles on technology in education twice a year.
  • THEN: Journal. This journal offers a humanities-based approach to learning about research on the use of technology in education.
  • Journal of Online Behavior. Read the research being done surrounding online behavior.
  • Journal of Technology Education. Explore topics in technology education with this academic journal.
  • Innovate. Explore the current practices and trends in online education with this journal.
  • Journal of Interactive Online Learning. Read manuscripts, essays, and reviews discussing perspectives of online learning.
  • School Library Media Research. Learn about evaluating and implementing successful school library media programs with the articles here.
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