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    • Our analysis of the innovation gap in American education leads us to recommend the following reforms.

    • Empower schools and principals.

    • Develop student-based funding policies and other more flexible approaches to school funding

    • Reinvent education management.

    • Reinvention calls for nothing less than a seismic shift on the part of states, from micromanaging districts through bureaucratic and irrelevant funding schemes, program initiatives, and policies to creating a flexible, performance-focused management system that is loose on inputs and strict on school outcomes.

    • Rethink the school day and calendar.

    • Better Accountability

    • Reform teacher pay and reward teachers whose performance improves student achievement.

    • Develop statewide longitudinal data systems and provide better information to schools, teachers, and the public.

    • Provide teachers with focused professional development on key topics such as use of data and technology. High-tech tools are of little use unless teachers in the trenches can take advantage of them.

    • Support state efforts to create common academic standards linked to rigorous assessments.

    • Support state reform organizations.

    • Encourage entrepreneurial organizations such as Teach for America and Wireless Generation.

    • the status quo needs to be disrupted for purposeful innovation to thrive. Only then will our nation’s students receive the kind of education that they deserve.

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