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The TCEA association journal and quarterly magazine, the TechEdge, is published four times a year and contains articles about TCEA events and activities, how-to articles and descriptive commentary on technology in education, tips on the latest software and hardware, and other timely information. The TechEdge spring, summer, fall, and winter issues are mailed to our membership of approximately 8,000 educators throughout Texas and the United States. We also offer advertising in the TechEdge in either color or black and white formats.
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A few weeks ago, I was shocked to get an email from the current editor for the TCEA TechEdge, Kathy Sargent. Apparently, while she will be staying on to help edit a few more issues of TechEdge, her distinguished tenure at TCEA will be coming to an end. Marisol Valdez will become the new TCEA Communications Director, and editor of TechEdge.

It’s amazing that Kathy has only been my 2nd editor for TechEdge. The first was Carroll Melnyk, whom I believe was around at the beginning of TechEdge publication. Switching editors can be interesting.

Kathy has done a great job with TechEdge, and I’m grateful to her for the hard work. The relationship between an editor and a writer can be a funny thing…few writers I know care for someone who’ll prune their work, change it up, tell you it stinks. I’ve worked hard to be accepting of changes, but I’m also grateful to Kathy (and Carroll before that) for publishing my articles as I wrote them with minimum of editing.

Some of the questions that I always want to ask a new editor include:

  • What changes do you have in mind for the publication?
  • Are you happy with the current slate of writers and columnists or will you be striking out to capture new voices and ideas or find a happy medium?
  • Will you switch to a theme oriented publication or allow folks to continue writing about the wide variety of content they do now?

As a columnist for TechEdge, I’m obviously concerned about the upcoming change in editor, but also, excited. A fresh start for any publication always presents an opportunity. Like other writers who started publishing in TechEdge, I’ve found other outlets for my writing but TechEdge and I have grown up together over the years. I get a particular satisfaction out of publishing in TechEdge that just doesn’t come from publishing in other magazines.

Part of that satisfaction comes from the unrestricted publishing…when publishing an article for other print magazines, the editor is inclined–because they are paying–to edit and change the article. For example, one long article I wrote and sent off to get published ended up being revised and published in parts, the lead revised, and other changes. This was well within the copyright holder’s authority to do, and, like other writers I’ve spoken to about it, it’s a pain in the behind to see your work altered.

And, that’s another thing. As a writer, I like to maintain copyright. TechEdge has always allowed me to maintain copyright of my published articles–at the start, it was because they didn’t pay for them, and now, they just pay for the effort, not the copyright. My desire is to share the content with a wide audience. Other print magazines I’ve worked with want to own the copyright so they can reprint articles…and while it’s been fun to encounter my writing in books, it’s like watching a car you owned and still have sentimental value for being driven down the road by it’s new owner. It might even be more like a pet (who’d sell one though!).

Anyways, I’m looking forward to the change with a bit of trepidation. Perfectly normal. I did send a note to the new editor introducing myself…no response yet, but time will tell.

In the meantime, thank you, Kathy Sargent for your hard work as TechEdge editor for the last few years!

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