Folks, I encourage you to vote your conscience in the now open TCEA Elections. Whomever you choose, you will undoubtedly have an impact. I encourage every person in TCEA Area 20–and if you attended the TCEA 2009 State Conference, then you are probably eligible–to vote, as well as TCEA members in general to share their perspective by voting for the various candidates.

The election of officers for 2010-2012 is now open and you are encouraged to vote.

Who May Vote
As a current member in good standing, you are eligible to vote in the election. A member in good standing is one who has paid his/her dues of $30.00 within the past year or paid registration for the 2009 Convention & Exposition, which included free dues.

TCEA is divided into 20 areas, which correspond to the 20 regional ESCs. Each TCEA area has an area director who is elected by the membership of TCEA in an election in the fall. Once elected, the area directors hold their positions for two years before coming up for election again. This year, the even-numbered areas are holding elections. Next year, the odd-numbered areas will hold their election. All area directors reside or are employed in the TCEA areas in which they hold office.

Up for election this time are the following positions:

* Your Area Director (if you are in an even-numbered area)
* President Elect
* Vice President of Convention Elect
* Vice President of Member Services

The Voting Process
You may vote by clicking here. (You must know your login and password in order to vote.) For every category, you can hover over the candidate’s picture or name to find out more information about each individual. You may then select one of the candidates or choose “Cast No Vote.”

The election will close at midnight on Nov. 13, so make sure you cast your vote before then. Winners of the election will be announced in February at the 2010 Convention & Exposition. If you have any questions about the TCEA election process or have difficulty logging in to your account, please email us at or call 1-800-282-8232.

Thanks for participating in the democratic process to ensure that TCEA has the best leaders to guide us into the future.

In reviewing the ballot, the instructions state:

If you hover over a candidate’s name or photo, additional information about the candidate will appear.

The reality is that you have to put your mouse pointer over the person’s name…in Firefox, hovering over the picture did not work.

Also, the text is pretty “scrunched up” in a small yellow box. So, I’ve taken the liberty of putting the text–I removed Section 1 since it included home mailing address–for me online:



Miguel’s educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree – English and a Master’s Degree – Bicultural Bilingual Studies. Find out more at


Certifications include the following: 1) Life Provisional Bilingual/ESL Grades PK-12 and; 2) Life Provisional English as a Second Language Grades PK-12.


TCEA Involvement:

Miguel has served as TechEdge columnist, Area 20 Director, and TEC-SIG President.

Professional Experience:

Miguel’s professional experience includes a variety of roles, including teacher, ESC-specialist, and district administrator. More online at


The strengths I bring to TCEA center around my constant desire to be a learner who shares what he is learning. TCEA’s membership is marked by those who serve as “chief learners in charge” in their classrooms and central offices, and promote conditions that facilitate creativity and innovation.


Our future direction flows from the changes we embrace now. Facilitating virtual learning for Texas learners is THE single most important area TCEA must focus on. The principles of open access, free software in schools, curriculum and resources for Texas learners of all ages are also central to success.

Get your vote in, whether you vote for me or another, because supporting TCEA means making a positive difference in the lives of educators and the students they impact!

Once you vote, you’ll get this message:

Thank you for voting in the TCEA officer election. We appreciate your participation. Results of the election will be announced in February at the 2010 Convention & Exposition.

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