Mark your calendars! Starting November 2, 2009 (and ending Nov 13), you’ll be able to vote for one of the 3 candidates for TCEA Area 20. Here’s the announcement from TCEA TechNotes online publication:

On Nov. 2, 2009, voting for area director and executive committee members will begin. All current members of TCEA will be eligible to vote electronically. (A current member is defined as one who has paid the $30.00 dues within the past year or has a lifetime membership in the organization granted by the board of directors.)

Members will receive an email with the link to the voting site. The election will run Nov. 2 at 9:00 a.m. through Nov. 13 at midnight, which provides a short time to vote. So vote early to make sure your voice is heard!

As I shared in a previous blog entry, I am focusing on 5 goals. You could say that these 5 items form my platform for running:

  1. Increase presence in online learning area.
  2. Collaborate to develop strategic plans and policies of the Board and be transparent about the success AND failure.
  3. Encourage change relevant to the organization and the stakeholders.
  4. Enhance the Interfaces between organization and community.
  5. Manage financial and physical resources.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read more online. In addition to incumbent Jennifer Faulkner (Alamo Heights ISD), Joel Adkins, CTO for Kerrville ISD, is also running for office. You can read what he has to say online as well. One of the key points Joel makes that is worth our attention as the Membership of TCEA:

…there is a division in the association about the pace of change and implementation of transparency in both TCEA and TEA. It has spurned interesting online discussions, uncomfortable group gatherings, and has developed factions within the larger body of the association. These are symptoms and results of change. It is a the classic battle between tradition and innovation; to which both have relevance on the path to change.

Let’s work together to achieve great change! What’s the difference between change and “great change?” Change that positively transforms, empower our collaborative relationships and communications with one another.

One way to accomplish that is to encourage an Area 20 chairing committee so that the talent running for office doesn’t just keep running off. Remember, it’s not just about winning an election…it’s about making a change in our daily habits and work.

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