Mike Gras (White Oak ISD) and Scott Floyd (White Oak ISD) took the time to organize a Moodle Unconference after-hours, at the end of the day on Thursday, October 16, 2009. I believe it was organized as a result of a question Mary Jo Humphries (Roundrock ISD) asked. Regardless of why or whom (please speak up), I was grateful to have the opportunity to share the work my team is engaged in at work, as well as listen to the solutions others are developing.

Consider that for the TxvSN, these stats reflect growing participation:

  • Fall, 2009 -406 enrollments
  • high School enrollments – 247
  • Dual credit enrollments – 159
  • Dual credit pilot program

While students are being thrown into online learning, that also requires a corresponding education/professional learning for their teachers, as well as increased access for “regular” teachers.

What’s helpful about these conversations is that there are no presumed experts…we are simply hard-working Moodlers sharing what we’re learning as we’re doing it, or planning implementation.

Special Thanks to Virgil Kirk (Poteet ISD) for agreeing to host the Moodle Video Tutorials and courses that Texas Moodlers are putting together!

While a podcast will soon be available, here is a list of some of the topics I shared about (see complete list online here):

  • How to get started
  • Courses for download to kickstart your Moodle course development
  • Assessment
  • The necessity of online facilitator training for staff tasked with developing in-house district courses.

One exciting presentation was shared by the person from HEB ISD…that of International Baccalaureate (sp?) Moodle course development. I’ll have to explore this some more.

A list of Moodles in Texas participating in the Unconference session:

  1. http://heblearning.hebisd.edu – Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD
  2. San Antonio ISD
    http://intouch.saisd.net/plc – Professional Learning Center
    http://intouch.saisd.net/opencampus – K-12 Learners Open Campus
    http://intouch.saisd.net/ourspace – A DRAFT Initiative for Mathematics Tutorials
    http://intouch.saisd.net/itech – Our Support Area for various initiatives
  3. http://moodle.uhcl.edu – University of Houston Clear Lake, a provider of TxVSN approved courses
  4. http://moodle.forneyisd.net/moodle – Forney ISD
  5. http://moodle.roundrockisd.org – RoundRock ISD
  6. http://moodle.goliadisd.org/moodle19 – Goliad ISD
  7. http://woisd.net/moodle – White Oak ISD

Of the MoodleMeet, Mike Gras wrote the following to other technology education coordinators:

I guess this was just another thing that demonstrates the desire of the TECSIG to be responsive to the needs of its members. It was a pleasure to meet you all and to hear of the efforts being made by our members to serve children. How cool it was to be exposed to the high level expertise that is at our fingertips right inside our own organization. It was also a great pleasure to see how many of us were set on our current course by my friend and mentor Ken Task. He is a wonder. I have listed David Williams’ contact information below. He is the fellow I had Skype in. Those of you facing providing service to thousands of students should likely, as discussed, give professional hosting serious consideration.

I made commitments to several of you and likely would have made more if time had allowed (I learned that from Ken as well.) My contact info is below David’s.

Thanks to TECSIG for giving me the opportunity to share and learn.

Scott Floyd also wrote a brief description in response to Mike Gras’ post on the subject:

No doubt, this gathering is the epitome of why we meet as SIGs in TCEA. It is the ultimate un-conference style meeting because it is user driven and completely voluntary. Thank you all for being a part of it and allowing me to join you.

One suggestion I made was that the SOSSIG OS room at TCEA would be a perfect place for us to meet to continue the conversation we began. It seems as though everyone agreed. The SOSSIG officers will provide an agenda before conference that lists the time(s) this meeting will take place. Being that it is a technology setting, we can stream folks in as bandwidth allows. We should not leave any voice out if we can avoid it. The OS room is a playground room to showcase a number of opensource offerings (like Moodle). It does not require SOSSIG membership, but you just might decide to join once you realize the pool of talent it holds. Everyone in the SOSSIG has been very willing to help others move ahead in implementation of opensource tools. Great group.

Also, TCEA is looking to host a Moodle Moot in the future. I believe the Dallas area is the projected location. Once that is settled, I am sure there will be a release announcing it that will circulate this list as well as others. Be sure to go and support the event so that it shows there is a need for this type of event.

You may recall I first suggested a MoodleMoot for 2010 and suggested the idea to TCEA. I’m glad to hear that Lori Gracey–who requested I keep silent about the event until more details are available–has taken the lead in organizing a Texas MoodleMoot 2010. I simply lacked the time with work and professional commitments to organize this event, but I sure can participate in it!

If you’re a Texas Moodler, be sure to join TCEA and get going with this!

Full Disclosure: I am available to share my time and what I’ve learned with new Moodlers. Several districts, ESCs and TCEA have taken me up on my offer, compensating me for my time to share ideas. However, ALL my published articles on Moodle, videos, tutorials are available under Creative Commons Copyright (ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution) for your use. Take advantage of them!

Those are online at http://mguhlin.net/moodle

That said, my participation at yesterday’s MoodleMeet at TEC-SIG was as a school district sharing what works, not as a consultant seeking contracts. I want to be sure to be clear about the separation.

Many thanks to Wikispaces.com for hosting me at no charge!! Adam Frey, keep up the great work.

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