At the TCEA TEC-SIG event, I had the opportunity to listen to Barbara Smith from the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). She shared lots of great information in her slideshow presentation and was kind enough to allow me to post that information below.

Listen to Podcast of Barbara’s Presentation on TxVSN
This podcast is pretty “bare-bones” since I didn’t have any of my audio files with me…basically a short intro and then Barbara!

In addition to important timelines and updates regarding pricing, I found these 7 Steps to Virtual Learning below to be helpful for Texas districts:

7 Steps to TxVSN Participation

  1. Complete txvsn agreement-superintendent signature needed
  2. Needs assessment – online
  3. Activate Campuses – Confirm Admin
  4. Site Coordinators Register/Train
  5. Pre-assess student readiness – Request Readi Secondary Accounts
  6. Student data upload to registration
  7. Finance Approver – just in case

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