Thanks to Joel at The Twain Blog for bringing this video to my attention. The video–hosted on YouTube–represents a particular point of view…that is, that the world is evil and we must guard what our children are exposed to. And, I don’t disagree with that perspective entirely. Somehow, we must developmentally help our children understand what is out there, not that it’s all evil but help ensure that their theory of understanding is strong enough to help them see what something is about, understand whether it’s helpful to them or not, and then make other decisions.

As I watch this video again, I’m reminded of a conversation I had with a dear friend. She shared that she just didn’t want to have THOSE kinds of conversations with her children. At the time, I pointed out that such conversations would happen regardless of whether she had them or not. Better that she choose the time and place rather than circumstances.

The video also reminds me of An American Teenager, that show where every other word out of the actors portraying sex-crazed high schoolers is “sex.” Are these conversations that are being had in people’s homes, or are we blocking them?

I’m divided on the issue. As much as I recognize the value of dialogue, I’m tempted to close up my youngest’s ears and cover his eyes….

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