• It isn’t really about the tool it is about how you use it
    • Differentiate: Provide lots of different avenues for teachers to learn. Create visual handouts, offer group training, create video screencasts and provide one-on-one instruction.
    • Don’t be the only teacher: Encourage teachers to work together and coach each other. Get students involved, let the kids be the teachers and provide opportunities for them to help their teachers out.
    • Enlist your PLN: Reach out to your PLN for support and ideas
    • Respect the expertise of your colleagues.
    • Acknowledge your teachers’ anxiety and expertise
    • Start with the early adopters: If you are new to a school and are trying to make change, start with the easy folks, the ones who want your help.
    • Don’t beat yourself up about the hardcore resisters. There are some people that you just can’t change
    • Observe your colleagues: If you can, try to get in and observe classes at your school. Go in without an agenda
    • Don’t touch the mouse: Tie your arm behind your back if you have to, but try not to take over mousing for your teachers

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