I didn’t realize Twhirl had compatibility with all these tools…sheesh.

This afternoon, I found myself somewhere I couldn’t access twitter or plurk. Ohmygosh, how can we practice “connectivism” as educators if the network is inaccessible?

I tried a variety of options to connect to Twitter/Plurk, but then remembered the ubiquitous Ping.FM, which allows you to post to various networks. It reminds me a bit of Friendfeed in the way it enables one to post to various networks. However, once I was using Ping.FM, I wondered what would happen if the web site was blocked? How would I get to it from where I was at?

Some quick research:

  • PingFire – Ping Fire is a Firefox extension that is used to post messages to Ping.fm.Unfortunately, the current version as of this writing doesn’t work with Firefox 3.5.x but there’s hope.
  • Ping.fm Widget – This widget is an Adobe Air app that you can run on your computer and it connects to Ping.fm, allowing you to post.
  • Ping on Air – Adobe Air interface to Ping on Air. Not that great.
  • Me Ping
  • Ping.fm Toolbar – A nice toolbar for various browsers.
  • AlertThingy – a desktop (adobe air) app that you can use to connect on your Mac to Twitter, Facebook, Ping.fm.
  • Twhirl –

I suppose, I’m looking for something like Tweetdeck. I thought Nambu might do it but no. For now, I’ll have to figure out some combination. However, I may replace Friendfeed with Ping.fm as a way to get information and ideas out there.

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