My son and daughter have invested a fortune of hard-earned money into games. Unfortunately, I didn’t wise up to helping them keep digital copies of their game serial numbers until…well…a few computer room clean-ups down the road.


Until now, I’ve been unable to find out what the serial numbers are for those installed programs. Thanks to a recent post at, I found out about:

…a neat little piece of freeware called LicenseCrawler.

Once you download this little gem you can use it to scan your machine for serials. The program is 100% free – make sure you do not pay for it! Some of the download links ask for money – don’t use them! Use the free links! The author wants the application to be free, so lets keep him happy!

After downloading the application you simply run it and it will return all the keys from your computer…You have to manually write them down as there is no copy and paste functionality

Wow! Pretty nifty, huh?

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