A colleague recently asked the following:

Good Morning Miguel! Have you had much experience with Joomla v1.5?

I’m looking for some recommendations for ‘tried & true’ components that will add serious functionality to a Joomla-based website.

I’ve looked at several online, but you have to install them before you can ‘test drive’…

Although I didn’t have an answer, I knew who to ask–one of my team. Here is her response:


Welcome to the Joomla family J

We have plenty of module/components that we’ve installed on our standard Joomla installations to make things a little bit easier for our users and administrators.

Joomla component



JCE Editor

Better editor than the standard TinyMCE. Gives the administrator the ability to add tables, change font type, color, and size.

Different versions for the different Joomla generations. If you want the spell check function, be prepared to purchase the full version of JCE


A document management system. Gives the administrator the ability to upload documents (MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe .pdfs…) to a location on the server. Users can then click on a button and download documents. Keeps track the of the number of ‘hits’ per document.

Different versions for the different Joomla generations. Now a ‘dead’ product no longer supported by the company that created it. Be prepared to solve any problems you may encounter.


A Pop-up menu component. Replaces your main or top menu.

Different versions for the different Joomla generations. Great product, never had any problems.


Through the ‘front-end’ of the site, will list all content items that a user can change/modify.

Great tool to use with teachers who have ‘author’ level access to a site. Instead of search for each and every item individually, they can click on a list and all of their items will appear in table format.

Newsflash Scroller

Changes the static Newsflash to a scrolling newsflash

Different versions for the different Joomla generations. Problems with changing scrolling speed.


Displays images in a specific location. Images are ‘picked’ from a folder located in the media manager of the site.

Back-end module allows the administrator control over how/when the photos appear.

Nice to know the right people!!

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