This evening, as I sit watching an August 21 school district convocation speaker that has me rolling on the floor laughing so hard (which, if you’ve attended a school district convocation, you know that just isn’t done! (smile)), I ran into Dr. Scott McLeod’s (Dangerously Irrelevant) blog post about a video on the Social Media Revolution.

The connection between the advice of the speaker in the convocation–Find your story, love your story, tell your story to everyone–and the power of social media to help amplify our voices as educators couldn’t be missed.

I sincerely believe that every educator should be called upon, invited, encouraged, welcomed into a world of citizen journalists, becoming digital storytellers who captivate the hearts of our children, profoundly engaging them with the tools they use. Social media can profoundly engage, enliven the work we’re about, and we need to move these powerful stories from the television screen online as vidcasts/podcasts.

How can we empower our educational community to share the compelling stories that are a part of every day work?

Watch the Social Media Revolution video:

originally posted on YouTube here, but downloaded and put on for my colleagues where YouTube is blocked:

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