One of the most insightful experiences–into oneself or others–is to ask interview questions. I learn so much when I ask folks tough questions and then watch them marshal their experience, knowledge, and, perhaps most importantly, their wisdom to respond. It’s also a question of leadership. I’m drawn to the idea of servant/transformation leadership:

…transformational leaders should build the whole of the institution into each individual. All people have a voice and input in the direction and execution of the institution’s vision.
Source: Michael Fullan as cited in The Edge of Tomorrow

In the first 15 minutes, I can often tell whether I’d hire someone. In considering questions like the one below, I recently tweeted the question, What are the top 5 questions you would ask someone interviewing for a Chief Technology Officer position?


In reviewing the questions, one of the tough issues is, What about Curriculum & Instruction questions? I’m reminded of a History Channel show I saw earlier this week about Galileo. He dared to challenge the Church and suffered house arrest after recanting at the Inquisition. What if we equated our fixation on Curriculum & Instruction–those 3-ring binders with a wealth of curriculum that teachers are expected to read and implement in their classrooms–at the center of the educational universe, and then…decided to place learning at the center?

Before jumping into this further, check out Tim Holt’s exploration of what makes a good EdTech boss.

Here are the questions suggested:

  1. How important do you think the role of libraries fits in with technology? (Carolyn Foote)
  2. Do you have any experience in curriculum development? (Dan Rezac)
  3. How do you determine if a teacher is effectively integrating technology? (Joel Adkins)
  4. Describe your last experience in a classroom as 1) an instructor and 2) as a learner. What would you change about each experience? (Joel Adkins)
  5. Have you ever heard of: NETS A , TA TEKS, NETS T, NETS S, SBEC standards for new teachers…how would you support these? (Tim Holt)
  6. How do you incorporate new ideas from the grass roots level? (Carolyn Foote)
  7. What technology ideas worry you right now? (Joel Adkins)
  8. What is more important: a pencil or internet access? (Tim Holt)
  9. What is your BHAG – Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal? (Joel Adkins)
  10. How will you operate as a support for teachers? (Carolyn Foote)
  11. How do you stay current with technology issues, apps, innovations? How do you stay current with educational research, reforms, etc.? (Judith Epcke)
  12. Who do they percieve as the most important clients? (GDahlby)
  13. Why do you want 2 work in K12 public schools? (GDahlby)
  14. How would they direct/handle/deploy a new district wide initiative? (Amber Teamann)
  15. Is learning w/technology appropriate 4 everyone? (Is teaching w/technology appropriate 4 everyone?) (Andrew Forgrave)
  16. What are you passionate about? (Gail Lovely)
  17. In your opinion, what single technology holds greatest potential to significantly enhance learning? (Andrew Forgrave)
  18. Discuss where you believe we need to look to identify our “pace” for technology integration. (Andrew Forgrave)
  19. Discuss how frequently and how comfortable you would be asking, “How can I help? What can I do?” (Andrew Forgrave)
  20. How will you integrate technology without treating teachers and students like felons? (Shawn McGirr)
  21. What is your vision of a 21st Century Learning environment? (Jennifer Spille)
  22. What is your vision around mobile learning in K-12? (Jennifer Spille)
  23. May we see what stocks you own? (Tim Holt)
  24. How do you balance providing the electronic resources needed for the classroom environment while securing the network and related technology that you are responsible for? (Patricia Holub)

My next step is to actually ask individuals I respect what their responses are to these questions and share them here. However, because I may not know everyone I should respect, I’d love to hear your responses, whether as podcasts or text answers.

To collect responses, I’ve set up a site:

Thanks in advance!

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