A recent comment on the MoodleMoot 2010 in Texas recently asked:

Could this be done the week of TCEA in Austin? I would make the extra effort to attend this year or at least be in Austin that week for a MoodleMoot. I think it could probably even happen in parallel to TCEA and need not be part of it at all. What do you think?

While it may be too late to do a MoodleMoot during TCEA week–and who can attend everything there is to attend that week anyways?!?–and I wouldn’t want to since I can’t attend except for 2 days that week due to other commitments, I have sent an email to TCEA requesting their help in organizing a Texas MoodleMoot in 2010.

Here’s my email to the TCEA organization:

Looking forward to 2010, I’m wondering if TCEA would have any interest in organizing a MoodleMoot 2010. A MoodleMoot, in case you haven’t heard of one, is a conference about Moodle where people share how they are using Moodle, tips, etc.

At the Tx Distance Learning Association Conference earlier this year, the idea of a Texas MoodleMoot was greeted with enthusiasm, not just by educators but government and business folks who are using Moodle to enhance their online presence. Although I wanted to organize a moot that is separate from any organizational affiliations, I’ve come to the realization I’m a bit under-powered to do all that work myself!

I originally suggested the idea here:
and more on MoodleMoot here:
as well as set up a Moodle to invite organizers:

One of the commenters on my blog suggested that TCEA manage the MoodleMoot. I did receive permission to use the “MoodleMoot” term. To be honest, while I’d love to present and attend at MoodleMoot, I’m not as thrilled at organizing the conference.

Any chance TCEA can take on this role?

What the MoodleMoot might include:

We are interested in offering five tracks during the moot – curriculum, hands-on, technical, business, and Moodle 2.0.

The curriculum track will focus on using Moodle for curriculum development and delivery and cool & unique ways to use Moodle in the classroom. If you are using Moodle in some exciting ways, we’d love to have you present.

The hands-on track will focus on teaching others how to set up courses and use various components of Moodle. Computer labs will be provided and limited to 10-15 users each, with help (hopefully) to keep everyone on track with what you’re doing. This track was the most popular last year and we could use all the help you can give us.

The technical track will focus on technical and administrative aspects of Moodle. How are you securing Moodle? What have you done with Moodle code that lets you do just what your organization needs? We’ll have our fair share of geeks and moodle administrators that will be on the edge of their seats listening to what you have to say.

The business track will focus on using Moodle for corporate training needs. Academia isn’t the only place for Moodle. We think this would be a wonderful opportunity to share how Moodle is being used in other environments from small business to large organizations or government. Come teach us some of what you know.

The Moodle 2.0 track will focus on showcasing the features and capabilities introduced in Moodle 2.0. If you have inside information about the improvements in Moodle 2.0 we’d love to have you come tell us about them.

Some ideas from other MoodleMoots:

Breakfast and lunch are included for the Pre-Moot training and both days of the MoodleMoot. T-Shirts and bags will be given out at the MoodleMoot.

Presenters are free for the MoodleMoot and must submit a presentation proposal and be accepted.

What do you think? Is this possible and can TCEA help out? I’d originally planned for the MoodleMoot to take place in June, 2010, but now, I’d settle for a Texas MoodleMoot in 2010.

Now, I’m waiting for a response…let’s see what happens!

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