While there are lots of programs you can use to augment the video codecs installed on your computer, I just found out about this one–GSpot (Windows Only)–that helps you identify the codecs you need to have installed to play a video. This is handy when you encounter problems like this one:

Anyone use Premier Pro CS3? Just recently – when I import AVI video, I can see the video, but I get no audio. If I import the video to Windows Movie Maker and export it out as a WMV, I can then hear and see the video when imported into Premier.
Any ideas?

A colleague on a Texas-wide email list shares:

It’s probably a audio codec’ problem. When converting to WMV it is being put it into a different more “generic” audio format. Search for some new audio codecs to apply to the computer and it may work. There is a program called “gspot” (http://www.headbands.com/gspot/), that will take all the identification of all the codec’s both audio and video from a file such as a video file or a music file, and it will tell you what codecs you need to both play it and decompile it.

Get GSpot for Windows | Quick-Start Guide (Free)

List of features:

Establishes what video codecs (audio and video) are required to play an AVI file.
● Determines whether these codecs are installed on your system.
● Isolates problems associated with these codecs.
● Simple operation – Basic use: “File > Open”, then read results

● Identifies download induced problems (truncated files, “cooked” files, etc.)
● Shows framerate, duration, aspect ratio, bitrates, AVI structure info, and more.
● Displays and allows editing of RIFF info (title, etc); displays “hidden” ASCII info.

● Drag and Drop and “Send To” support, multi-file (batch) processing support
● Copy/Paste or text export GSpot information – format is user configurable.
● Built-in database of 350 video and 150 audio codec types
● Advanced UI including “dual-mode” and hyperlinked “persistent” tool tips

● Full support for OGG media files as well as AVI stream formats
● Identification (only) of non-AVI files (.mpg, .mov, .qt, .rm, .swf, .wmv, .asf, etc.)
● Supports VFW, ACM, DirectShow and DMO codec types (audio and video)

● Win95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP
● No Install (optional), No spyware, No advertising, No registration
● Free

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