Ok, it’s too harsh to hold Diigo accountable. Diigo is awesome, and I love it (check out my DiigoNotes series to see how much I use it) but there are some things about the “social” part that I just don’t like. Maybe I’m getting old like the Blue Skunk dude and get curmudgeony (sp?)!!

Back when (March, 2008 – read the original entry), I posted the following on my “old” blog some suggestions for improvement…here they are again:

As I’ve worked with Diigo for the past day, some suggestions for improvement keep popping into my head. It’s a bit of an irritation to have them, so as they pop in, I’m going to throw them out onto the blog, as well as into the conversations begun on Diigo. Putting them here is for record keeping actually…a blogging habit. . Again, I’m having fun with this tool that others have recommended in the past but I felt I didn’t need…that changed as soon as they add all the interactivity. And, what I like is that they are responsive to suggestions…much more than some other services I’ve used in the past.

Suggestions for Improving Diigo:

Diigo needs an easier way of inviting friends to conversation than just typing them in one a a time. I’d like to drop in a list of folks by tag (can we tag our friends? have to check on that) as well as just selecting by clicking on them. I can see it now…a Friend box where you can type in a tag and send bookmarks to friends.

Here’s what it might look like or where I’d like to see the suggestion appear:

Enable more control over the My Messages window

Make it easier to thank or communicate with someone from the window below…why should I have to go somewhere else? I’ve added some suggestions…

What about RSS feeds for each of these Message Topics? That way, you don’t have to login or get email notifications (like we need more of those!)….

What do you think? Is it unreasonable to expect Diigo to have included these suggestions?

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