Source: A photo I snapped of Mike from HEB at Nacogdoches and O’Connor, San Antonio, Tx with my camera-phone. Mike helped out by trying to jump our battery and offered free drinks while we stood out in the heat of a Sunday afternoon.

This afternoon, as we found our way home from shopping for school supplies, in the midst of grocery shopping for the week, and filling up one of our vehicle’s gas tanks, the battery died. As I walked across the parking lot–about 100 degrees out there–from the supermarket to the gas station, I wondered why, why oh why, does this have to happen now?

As we endured the slight embarassment of waving people in their cars off from the gas pump where my wife was parked, her face turning beet red in the heat and children not far behind, the HEB Supermarket (at Nacogdoches and O’Connor) manager, Mike (pictured above), came over to inquire what he could do.

Even though we were clearly blocking a lane in the gas station, losing HEB money (must have been 15 cars in the 30 minutes before HEB put a cone to warn people off), Mike was kind enough to try to jump our vehicle. He had to pop the backseat off his car to access his car battery. When that failed, he offered us some Dasani (or anything in the cooler, actually) water bottles, which was welcome since my wife and I hadn’t planned on a long stay in the sun.

We continued to try to no avail to jump the car. Fortunately, as soon as we knew were down, we’d called triple A. Bob from AAA-Allied Towing showed up to help us out. A short time later with a new battery in place, we were on our way.

All Allied batteries come with a 3-year free replacement warranty valid in the U.S. and Canada.

Battery Jump-Start and battery replacement Program— call us if your battery fails. If possible, it will be jump-started at the scene to help get you on your way. Please view our Battery service we provide.
Source: Allied Towing, San Antonio, Tx

Thanks to all who helped out!

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