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SimpleAssessment.com shares an engaging video (featured above) but the question is…do their examples of questions match up to the results obtained with a possibly older assessment? Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with this point:

…we could have created an assessment that all students would easily pass. But that would only give schools a false sense of reality.

Sometimes bad results are good; they prompt change.
The change our students need to succeed in the 21st century.

Great use of media to get your point across. Two points:

1) Please include links to the original blog posts I wrote. The video doesn’t allow for enough context to interpret the graph.

2) SimpleAssessment.com redesigned their assessment to reflect the new ISTE NETS-S, didn’t it? The assessment that most schools took…that was the OLD assessment or the NEW one just completed? That point needs to be made clear. And, where did the questions you feature in the video come from? The older or the newer assessment?

Compare the failure rate of the older assessment with the questions you feature, and there is false advertising.

Please respond and clarify this.

Links to blog posts featured in the video:
Digital Divide – http://www.mguhlin.org/2009/06/digital-divide-in-texas-8th-grade.html

Transparency in Texas Tech Literacy Assessments –

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