As I shared before, I needed a bootable Mac OS X Leopard USB Flash drive. Booting up from a DVD takes too long, but an 8gig flash drive works just fine (a 16gig or bigger is nice, too…I’m contemplating a 32gig drive).

Since I had to go through the process for a colleague, I thought I’d document the process, so….the hard part is booting off a DVD and installing the system to your 8gig (or greater) flash drive. It takes a long time. Once that is done, use CarbonCopyCloner (it’s free) to make an image of the USB flash drive that you can use as a source. Then, you can start cranking out bootable OS X Leopard drives (provided you’re licensed to do that) as needed fHere’s the process with screenshots.

In the images below, “catboot” is the original image of the OS X Leopard bootable flash drive. “LeopardBoot” is the new 8gig drive I’m using CCC to copy to.

Step 1: Formatting the 8gig drive

Step 2: Setting up incremental backup/cloning from the image file to the Mac Extended (Journaled) formatted 8gig flash drive

Step 3: Cloning in process

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