This afternoon, I had to import a comma-delimited file (CSV) exported from MS Excel into a MySQL database table. I was trying to create an external database that could be accessed by Moodle. Creating the database, the table wasn’t a problem; importing the data mashed together via concactenation formulas in MS Excel was.

Since students in my district don’t have Active Directory accounts, like educators do, this new database that Moodle would check would allow students to login with their student ID number and a password. I detail the idea in this MoodleTip but since it’s been so long, and I wasn’t using PHPMyAdmin at the time, I set out to revisit the concept.

I was stumped until I ran across this tutorial and then, followed the path…but it didn’t work for me. So, note that the screenshot is different from the tutorial.

Here are the steps I took:

1) Export the spreadsheet from Excel to a CSV file

2) Click on the database and then, click on the table you want to import into.

3) While viewing the table, click on IMPORT tab

4) Follow the instructions as laid out below:

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