In the article below, the author suggests that his 17 year old son could care less about the operating system. As long as it doesn’t interfere with getting to the Cloud, the Web of fantastical resources, then it just doesn’t matter whether you’re running Windows 7 or UbuntuLinux.

The problem is, for school district administrators, running Windows operating system has distinct advantages. If the kids don’t care what they use, so long as they can do what they want, then should school districts just run the operating system that’s most convenient for them to manage?

What do you think? Should school districts do what’s convenient for them in terms of management or change their whole approach to computing and use free open source…maybe keep a few macs around for video editing and creation? Of course, that’s something to consider…what happens when free open source software “biggies” like Ubuntu start trying to design and make things as easy as Mac OS?

“I think that if we can unify those forces, then we can transform the free software experience from something of the ugly duckling of the software world to the powerful swan that it really is…We must blur the line between the web and the desktop,” Shuttleworth declares, “so both elements are connected. “The most important thing that we want to figure out is how to have participation without conflict. . .

It is very clear that, in order to challenge Apple, we’re going to have to make a lot of changes. Nobody would make the case that the free software environment, whether on Ubuntu or any other distribution, is a world-beating experience from a design and user perspective. It’s world-beating for other reasons, right? But it certainly doesn’t win from a design and user perspective.
Source: Mark Shuttleworth

The Holy Grail of Education Computing? – an education friendly, free-open source operating system that is as easy to use as a Mac and has all the image/video editing/creation tools needed.