Below are some of Diana Benner‘s notes–thanks to Diana for this work!–on the webinar held earlier today about Texas ePlanning. Definitely worth checking out the site at

It’s definitely worth reading ALL the notes.


    • E-Rate: Tech Plan & STaR Chart Workshop
      • Demographics, superintendent, principals, etc list should be updated during the summer – just to get a jump start
      • Eplan site will be SHUT down this year at the end of July and during the month of August for annual maintenance
      • We are currently in Year 13 – A plan must be developed this summer
      • Districts must correlate objectives with USAC Erate and TLRPT in eplan
      • Plan must be board approved and/or notarized
      • Plan must contain a sufficient level of detail to validate an Erate request
      • A Superintendent’s signature and date can qualify as proof of “written”
      • USAC wants to know how much money the district is spending on technology (not counting erate) overview_erate.png
      • Districts must be able to prove that the eplan aligns with what is stated on Form 470
    • Logs, spreadsheets that document professional development must be kept for 5 years
      • Districts need to be prepared to show proof of pd if asked
      • A minimum of 25% of budget must go to staff development in order to meet the requirements for Title IID
      • Purpose of the Teacher STaR Chart
        • to assist in the measurement of district’s effort to improve student learning through technology
        • to be used as a needs assessment for future pd
        • help teachers determine their progress towards meeting LRPT as well as district goals.
      • Purpose of the Admin STaR Chart
        • To assist with Technology plan writing
        • Help set benchmarks, goal

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