Later this week, I’ll have the opportunity to present the keynote address at the SOSCON09 Conference taking place in Honey Grove ISD in East Texas! I’ve spent a LOT of time getting ready for this keynote, trying to bring in elements that I’m comfortable with and blending them with new ideas.

Tweet from Stephanie Sandifer, author of Wikified Schools

Some of the key ideas for this presentation flow from the idea of “Digital Learners” are “Empowered Learners.” Although I decided to include the information from Iran and the use of Twitter as a way to get ideas, information, as well as a way to coordinate action, the continuing action in Iran has been powerful. Many have turned their avatars green in Twitter, adjusted their time stamp to reflect Tehran, such as Mrs. Durff.

Anyways, you can find my presentation online at
I also had fun designing the 1-page, double-sided handout using Pages.

Feel free to offer feedback and ideas! And, if you get a chance, why not drop by East Texas and join in?

Take a look at the advance program: Page 1 | Page 2

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