Great idea for connecting Moodle and Twitter…I’m looking forward to trying out Moodle and Twitter:

Want to make Moodle and Twitter talk in a basic way? Very simple, just turn on RSS feeds in your forums and run it through a Twitter account. If your system administrator is too busy fighting fires in the server room (i.e. playing online games with Troll in the title) to enable RSS there is an even simpler way. Use Twittermail to update a twitter account by setting this as the email address of a user subscribed to a Moodle forum with email alerts enabled.

TA-DA your Moodle forum is now streaming to Twitter. Of course this means you are pulling Moodle conversations into Twitter which is just a one-way stream. Your students can’t talk back from Twitter to your Moodle forum which would be ideal. If you want full on realtime web streaming chat you all need to be in twitter – up to your necks.
Source: Moodle and Twitter from ReLEARN

Be sure to read the accompanying discussion about FERPA.

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