Would a dual core Mini, with 4Gigs Ram and a 320Gig Harddrive work nicely, sufficiently, or not at all? If it will work, could you recap the process….and would Joomla also work on it??

This is a question I received earlier….

A search on the web revealed this comment:

with the newer Intel Mac minis, you are able to run up to 3GB of RAM. With this extra capacity, Leopard Server runs great on the Mac minis. You can use any of the services like mail, web, dns, and file sharing.
Source: http://www.macminiserver.com/can-a-mac-mini-run-leopard-server/

And, another comment argues this:

os x server is overkill. i run two xservers and powermac g4 server in my lab. os x server is good for open directory and other stuff to run my 40 stations, but overkill for the Web. osx has all server functionality built in, it is *nix after all. and what it doesn’t have you can d/l. os x sever would be a HUGE waste for a personal or even small business Web server.

It looks like you have 3 choices:

  1. MOST EXPENSIVE: You could run OS X Leopard Server, but…
  2. MOST VEXING (for a newbie): You could also partition that Mac with 85% GNU/Linux and the remainder for regular Mac OS X. Then run GNU/Linux as a server. It’s not as daunting as you might think (esp if I can do it!).
  3. EASIEST ALL AROUND: Just run OS X Leopard (not server) on the machine and use it that way. Here’s an ebook tutorial on how to accomplish that: http://www.macminicolo.net/ebooks/InitialSetupEbook.pdf

So, option 3 might be the one to start with, then go to option 2, and then 1. Option 3 might buckle.

Once you have these pieces setup, yes, you can run Joomla, Moodle, etc. You’ll have to install MySQL/PHP.


  1. Installing PHP/MySQL –http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20071030153912813
  2. MAMP – http://www.mamp.info/en/mamp/index.html
  3. MAMP Setup on OS X Leopard – http://stringfoo.com/2007/11/07/mamp-setup-leopard/
  4. Using Mac Mini as a Server

Other words of wisdom?

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