Note: Here are the questions that came up during Classroom 2.0 LIVE session on Moodle today (03/14/2009)! I’ve organized them into broad themes…rather than try to respond to them in THIS blog post, I’m going to split them out and go through them according to the identified themes below….Thanks to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE Folks!

LEADERSHIP Read My Responses in this blog entry

  1. Braddo: My big question re Moodle and like systems: Why use a closed tool like these when they seem to run counter to the whole move to more openness?
  2. Braddo: I’m more interested in “Why?” questions then “How?” questions: It seems to me that Moodle is “old school”, that is it’s built and run by teachers. Is this just another iteration of pedagogy as knowledge transfer vs. socially constructed knowledge. Not that old school is necessarily wrong, and socially-constructed learning inherently superior, but does Moodle really change the game?
  3. Braddo: But MG, doesn’t “Moodle as scaffold” that only defer the decision?
  4. Braddo: So, the reason for taking on Moddle is “to keep the district out of the news”??
  5. Braddo: Have to disagree MG. Aprreciate issues of protection, but I don’t beleive that innovation in web 2.0 world can come from top down. The web moves too fast. The whole point of web 2.0 is to access the long tail etc.
  6. Marty Caise to how do you address the issues regarding student safety and potential risk of compromising of sensitive data with your moodle system – Coming from a fellow SA district (NEISD) – I would love to hear how you are doing this


  1. kas: is moodle a district subscription type site or can one teacher subscribe
  2. griffbuddy: Can I transfer all that I have done in Blackboard to Moodle? I’ve heard that I can.
  3. Donelle: are there blogs within moodle?
  4. jeffmason: Can students read each other ‘s blogs?
  5. Bonnie Dilling: can we bring dim dim inti moodle
  6. sarahsutter: I’m interested in the Google/Moodle connection with one login for Moodle and Google Apps next year.
  7. Bonnie Dilling: do I need to have class ID numbers for each of my moodle classes that are set up; I’m the moodle admin
  8. Bonnie Dilling: I’m setting up all the categories but allowing the teachers to create the courses – is this the wrong direction to go?
  9. helen -bc, canada: there are many mentions that Moodle is free – a distinction: it is OPEN SOURCE, that means that you can download and use the program but there are costs involved in keeping the program running, support and servers to host it
  10. Hui-Wen: If a college instructior wants to create a course on Moodle, do we need to have own server?

MOODLE FOR PROFESSIONAL LEARNINGRead My Responses in this Blog Entry

  1. sarahsutter: Is there a good Moodle course out there for a district to introduce Moodle to a staff? I dont’ want to reinvent the wheel.
  2. Donelle: @Miguel-could you share your favorite place for getting that free curriculum you mentioned?
  3. Jonathan7007: Follow up I need is the ways Moodle keeps FERPA, overall security problems taken care of.

MOODLE IN THE CLASSROOMRead Tomaz Lasic’s Responses in this Comment

  1. Cheryl Snyder: Wondering how to use this with an active group of second graders?
  2. Amy Chayefsky: teachers – do you see students using the moodle outside of school? Or primarily content delivery during school hours?
  3. Mary: I’d like to know more about the literature reading circles
  4. Dan McGuire 2: MIguel, get to some of the reporting management tools that really make Moodle special. Teachers can tell who has viewed and uploaded and even from address they accessed the Moodle from.
  5. msponseller: My students have never uses or seen Moodle. What is the best way to teach them about its features?
  6. msponseller: How do we MOTIVATE students to use Moodle?
  7. Leslie: Would Moodle be a good platform for student portfolios?

USABILITYRead My Responses on Usability

  1. chriswherley: i have been looking at Ning, but feel Moodle would be better for teachers and students. Ning seems easier to use though.
  2. Brad.Schmicker: I’m using Moodle with my 5th graders but the page looks so plain. Is there any way I can brighten it up, make it look more interesting?
  3. Elena: ive heard you need a dedicated server would need to learn how to do that
  4. Beth Still: Is anyone using the wiki inside Moodle? What are your impressions?
  5. Rebecca: Does Moodle allow for external links? I’d like to be able to link out to the easier to use wiki – rather than use the wiki on moodle. Has anyone tried that?


  • Donelle: @sinclair-do you prefer skitch to jing


  1. WOScholar: @Leslie Google Moofolio for portfolio use
  2. John Blaser: The BEPT Teacher Center runs online Moodle courses that are open to anyone: One will start in mid-April, another in the summer
  3. Gina: anyone interested in continuing dialogue is invited to Moodle Mentor Forum at

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