Note: This is a follow up on questions that came up during Classroom 2.0 LIVE! I’ve organized them into broad categories/themes, and responding to them over time. I encourage those of you who are knowledgeable (or have an opinion/angle) to speak up in the comments. In this entry, I respond to some of the issues mentioned in the MOODLE FOR PROFESSIONAL LEARNING theme. Thanks to the Classroom 2.0 LIVE Folks!


  1. sarahsutter: Is there a good Moodle course out there for a district to introduce Moodle to a staff? I dont’ want to reinvent the wheel.
    Response: Yes, actually there are several courses out there, as well as tons of printable documentation. From personal experience, I would start small with a few key items and use videos (visit Moodle Tutorials) to introduce the concepts and possibilities.
  2. Donelle: @Miguel-could you share your favorite place for getting that free curriculum you mentioned?
    Response: Yes, you can find some of them here towards the end of the article, Moodle Habitudes in response to question #4. I run into new sites every day and try to add them to my Diigo/Delicious bookmarks.
  3. Jonathan7007: Follow up I need is the ways Moodle keeps FERPA, overall security problems taken care of.
    Response: One way we do it is to host a video that shares key FERPA information and then have people register for the course, view the video, complete a quiz that is graded. If they do well enough, they pass. If they don’t, back to the video. Is there a better way? You tell me. Note: I can’t share the video, it’s used under Fair Use and restricted to our Intranet.

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