Moodle Video Tutorials…from the Human Blog…be sure to visit and check these out!

The first batch is about the basic of Moodle.

Let’s start with a 5 minute introduction to Moodle as a Lego analogy – what is it, what are its main features, the thinking behind it and some facts on the world of Moodle – watch video (length 5:04)

There is a shorter version of ‘Moodle explained using Lego”? – (watch video – length 2:43) or even a slideshow – click here to access it.

Of course, you can look at this older and less ‘funky’ explanation of Moodle – (watch video – length 9:38)

This clip explains the main ‘roles’ of people in Moodle – worth a watch to get the idea – (watch video – length 2:42)

Then, you are ready to login (at least the community of Belmont City College…) – (watch video – length 1:14)

Once logged in, you can start creating a course – here is how you do that – (watch video – length 7:32)

For more basic information about the enrolment options, see this clip – (watch video – length 3:35)

Ready to edit your course? See the clip about the magic ‘Turn editing on’ button – (watch video – length 4:45)

The second batch of 2 Minute Moodles looks at how to work with files, folders and other common starting features.

See how to navigate through a Moodle site using ‘breadcrumbs’ – watch video (length 2:48)

Learn how to keep an eye on the activity of course participants – watch video (length 4:11)

Just how to add files as a teacher (or administrator) – watch video (length 3:17)

Adding labels can be very handy to break up the screen – watch video (length 1:33)

Add a simple text page – watch video (length 1:32)

To answer a popular question ‘how do I add a website link’ watch this clip – watch video (length 2:36)

See how quite simple it is to add your own webpage to your course – watch video (length 6:07)

Just how do you de-clutter the screen and display a folder of resource – watch video (length 2:04)

For some general info and tips on working with files and folders have a look below – watch video (length 2:39)

(New) How to embed a video from YouTube or other video sharing sites – watch video (length 2:29)

(New) How to add a video to a webpage in Moodle – watch video (length 2:08)

The third batch looks at how to use popular communication tools in Moodle

Have a look how to open a (very popular) chatroom – watch video (length 2:34)

See how simple it really is to set up and run a forum (examples provided) – watch video (length 6:46)

Learn how to open a dialogue (non-standard in Moodle 1.9 but useful, examples) – watch video (length 5:23)

When enabled, messaging in Moodle is pretty easy – watch video (length 2:14)

The humble wiki is a hugely versatile staple of Moodle – watch video (length 6:36)

Ever experienced the effect of blogs on students’ literacy? Here is how to blog with Moodle – watch video (length 3:04)

The fourth batch covers Moodle’s main evaluation tools.

Set up a choice activity, often a starting point for many Moodlers – watch video (length 5:05)

Quizzes in Moodle are renowned for their range of options, flexibility and management tools. See it for yourself – watch video (length 11:21; not quite 2 minutes I know…)

Setting, submission and management of assignments in Moodle is not difficult – watch video (length 8:07)

Quick and sassy poll often has all we need to quickly gather accurate data – watch video (length 2:46)

And here is a clip on that Swiss Army Knife of tools called database (a communication, collaboration and evaluation tool) – watch video (length 12:04)

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