5th Grade Egyptian Project – Find out More here (Friday Fun)

This afternoon at TCEA 2009, I joined the hordes of Technology Applications teachers rushing the Black Shirts guarding the TechApps CDs. I considered publicly humilitating them in this blog entry (they said, “No” to me…those rule-keepers), but have since changed my mind…that and the fact that all I had to do was stand at the foot of the escalator and a principal walked up and gave me his TATN CD!!

Seriously, all in good-natured fun! Kudos to John Lopez, Kelly, Karen from TEA who were present and supportive of the event.

Thanks to Anita McPartland (Lancaster ISD), pictured above, I was able to find my way to the TATN and sit in on two sessions. Since I hadn’t been in a long time, if ever, I was shocked at the energy the teachers radiated–my EdTech battery is fully charged, I could almost go home now–and the practitioner presentations. I sat in on two with Anita and was just impressed at the enthusiasm teachers exhibited.

My only suggestions on the feedback form included:

  • Podcast each of these sessions, audio or video
  • Post the contents of the CD online (apparently, the content is there already) as an ISO, that way you get the whole package (and the org structure of the CD) in one piece rather than bits-n-pieces.

Kudos to the TATN organizers for a job well done!

You can find my notes for the sessions online. Some more photos of what this looked like (it was a lot more crowded):

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