I have to crank out some quick tutorials for the latest version of WordPress for community members who will be blogging online (fascinating!). As such, I thought I’d poke around and see what people are coming up with. And, not unsurprisingly, before I even had to look around, these two came to me via Twitter and the RSS feeds.

Who said learning networks aren’t handy?

The first is Neil Hokanson’s video creations explaining WordPress 2.7. Here’s a list of Neil’s creations:

The second is ClioTech’s (Jennifer Dorman) pointing to

If you want to learn how to use WordPress, how to do cool stuff with it, how to push it to the bloody edge of reason – we’re building an exponentially growing library of video training content. You’ll find the beginnings of that in the How-To section of the site. There’s a lot more to come, both and side, but it’s happening, and fast.

Great stuff to start with!

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