Last night, I finally had a free moment–amidst watching movies with family–to try installing UbuntuEee on an Asus Eee I’d brought home from work for just that purpose. UbuntuEee looks like a great solution to run on the Asus Eee but I ran into a few problems…mainly, space.

I had a 2 gig SD card that I tried installing Ubuntu to without success. This was my backup plan since installing UbuntuEee to the AsusEee–even after deleting the main partition–didn’t work. My guess is that I’ll probably have to spend some time reading the forums and invest in a 4 gig or great SD card so that I can install UbuntuEee on it.

In the meantime, I have a “dead” Asus Eee which I’ll have to reload with something from somewhere.

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