Skimming 8 million blog entries, I’m naturally stumbling across some nifty stuff that I have to make note of and, well, share…here goes:

  1. Feedflix – find out if you’re getting your money’s worth with Netflix. You login to Netflix via Feedflix and it will print graphs and stuff to show your usage stats.
  2. Ultimate Portable PC Troubleshooting Guide – what a great article that outlines a list of programs to use for a variety of problems you’ll be sure to encounter when working on someone else’s (e.g. your brother-in-law) Windows computer (uh, the best solution is reformat and load UbuntuLinux).
  3. Capture.Net Free Version – multi-purpose tool for Windows.
  4. Tools to Protect Privacy – HotSpot Shield, CCleaner, Eraser, MRU Blaster, Index.dat Suite
  5. File Undelete Tools – Restoration, Recuva
  6. Pencil 2D Animation Software
  7. Shorty – Create your own domain-name based short urls by installing Shorty on your server…it’s like having installed on your own server.
  8. FilePhile – works like a private peer to peer network to share large files with friends. It’s Java based so it works on any platform. Allows for Secure Unlimited File Transfers, Any Computer, Any File, Any Size, Anywhere With Professional Grade Encryption (why not create a truecrypt container and share that and not have to worry about PG encryption?).
  9. Spyware Terminator – free for personal/non-commercial use.
  10. Free PDF to Word Converter – converts PDf to Word files.
  11. QuickMedia Converter

Some of these, if not all, were swiped from LifeHacker and, both wonderful sites to subscribe to!!

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