Microsoft has given yet another reprieve to its seasoned Windows XP operating system. The cut off date for PC makers to obtain licenses for the software was 31 January 2009. But now Microsoft has put in place a scheme that will allow the hardware firms to get hold of XP licences until 30 May 2009.
Source: BBC News 12/22/2008

UbuntuLinux is a better alternative…

Without much fanfare, developers of Ubuntu Linux have delivered the latest version of the open source operating system that scores higher than Windows Vista in performance testing, does a better job than Windows in making wireless connectivity easy and, overall, leaves fewer reasons to stick with Windows than any other previous release of Linux.

Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition, nicknamed “Intrepid Ibex,” provides so much functionality and ease of use, at zero cost of acquisition, that it is really impossible to ignore. For anyone or any business not tied to Microsoft legacy desktop applications, Ubuntu 8.10 may realistically be considered a smarter choice in many scenarios.

I’m currently running UbuntuLinux on a Dell Latitude D810 with great success…the integration of WINE makes running simple applications easy, and I haven’t run MS Office in more than a year. Docx and XLSx files are easily opened and worked with. I can even run my favorite Windows MySQL tool–SQLYog Community Edition for Windows–without problem.

Give it a shot…try Wubi for starters or use this tutorial to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu.

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