Vicki Davis (CoolCat Teacher) shared a video that is worth sharing again:

40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes

Download this:

Worth watching. My favorite is Lord of the Rings. Other video snippets come from:

first: braveheart then it is the muppets
0:32 Lord of the Rings three
0:47 Charlie Brown
0:51 Rocky i think…
1:00 troy
1:14 al pacino
1:15 third pirates of the caribbean
1:18 300
1:38 the mighty ducks
1:46 braveheart
1:51 might be independence day
1:54 angels in the outfield
2:01 superman
2:03 old fantasy movie (80s or 90s)
2:05 how the grinch stole christmas
2:06 ferris bulers day off
Source: Comment from JaneDoeme

Ah, inspiration.

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