A fellow instructional tech director wrote me and asked,

I was looking through your webpage and found your handout for podcasting. I’ve just ordered a slew of Olympus 210’s and will be teaching Audacity in January. Can I use your handouts? Please!

I wouldn’t say no since these are shared under Creative Commons-ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution. When I pointed that out, he wrote back:

What the “bleep” is the ShareAlike-NonCommercial-Attribution license?

As I laughed, it hit me that, sheesh, how many more conversations like this will I need to have about CC with educators? The number I came up with was depressing but also fun–ignorance is opportunity.

My two-second, rough-hewn response (what would you have said?) was:

ShareAlike= You can share this under the same conditions I shared it
with you.
NonCommercial=You can share it for educational purposes but you can’t
make money off of it.
Attribution=You have to give me credit for the work.

To which he replied:

Don’t worry about ShareAlike – I’m too lazy to change anything.
Don’t worry about NonCommercial – Come on, Miguel, it ain’t THAT good!
Don’t worry about Attribution – If there are any mistakes in it, I want you taking the blame.

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