Clif Mims asks a great question:

We’re hosting an educational conference this weekend ( and I’m going to be showing off the merits of Diigo. I’m hoping to recruit many new users. I’m wanting to set up an RSS feed(s) for the two tags we’re using specifically with this conference. The tags are pidt and pidt2008. I tagged a couple of my bookmarks with these tags a few days ago but they are not showing up when I search all of Diigo or in the RSS I thought I could use for them. See to see the feeds I’m trying to use. Feel free to edit the wiki or reply here…I’m still having problems getting an RSS feed(s) for the tags we’re going to use at the conference. I’ve already bookmarked a few of my own bookmarks with them. The 2 tags we’re using are “pidt” and “pidt2008”. Is there a way to pull an RSS feed of all the bookmarks that are tagged with these bookmarks from all Diigo users?

What a great question. At first, I thought this would surely be built into Diigo but couldn’t find it. Then, I checked Delicious to no avail. Admittedly, my searches occurred early in the morning right before I had to get going for breakfast, etc. Some of ideas that popped into my head included:

  1. Ideally, you should be able to run a search on Diigo and then get an RSS feed of the results.
  2. Unfortunately, there’s no RSS feed for the results. Of course, Delicious doesn’t have this either. RSS feeds only show up when you get your own tags. Look in the top right corner. and Delicious seem to work in the same way in regards to linkrolls (i just looked).
  3. So, another possibility is to do a Google search on pidt2008 and diigo and save that search as an RSS feed.
  4. Unfortunately, that’s not perfect.Another approach might be to use Register yourself, add “pidt2008” as the conference tag. Then get the RSS feed for that tag from Hitchhikr.

I felt terrible but knew that someone would come through. Wade Ren (Diigo CEO) shared:

Your bookmarks are here:
but the rss on that page appears broken. will have that fixed asap. also, will add rss feed to this page

How neat is that? Prompt response! So, if you want to find out about items tagged “edustreams”–educational, Elluminate sessions, etc for education–just type in the following:

and (provided you’re not logged into Diigo), Close the ad box in the top right corner of the screen and the RSS button will be underneath it. The code looks like this:

Just change the bold word in the two links immediately above to whatever tag you want to use and you’re set. Can Delicious do that? Love to know how.

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