A bit of introspection: It’s getting harder and harder to write blog entries. I’m not sure why but an idea occurred to me, so…exploring it might be fun. Here’s why – when I started blogging 4 years ago, I had the idea that I could share what I was learning. I’m a “life-long learner,” or at least, I like to think so, so why is sharing what I’m learning about so hard now?

Is it my standards for what I write have changed? Maybe I’m not as excited about the simple stuff. So what if schools are not being reformed successfully? I mean, that’s been happening forever. I’m past the outrage these days. . .that’s, like, such a waste of time and energy! I’m finding myself looking for the certainty of learning nuggets.

Learning nuggets…those solid facts you sluice out of the stream of life, pieces that are practical, useful, and constitute something you need to learn about. For example, reformatting a Macbook with Ubuntu has been so much fun…more fun than reading my EdLeadership RSS feed with the righteous indignation of fellow edubloggers, musings about Technorati rankings (really, with a zillion blogs, who cares if I’m 20,000 (old URL) or 300,000 at or even 0 at

I’m going to have to adjust my focus and start looking more at the dynamics of online learning using Moodle. It seems like everyone has been down that road before…how far will I have to travel to begin to see patterns and connections, to begin to understand it in a way that will yield unique insights? Who knows?

That said, I’m enjoying picking up a few learning nuggets along the way. Thanks for hanging out and sharing what you’re learning.

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