Update: Note that this contest is still open to accepting entries through January, 2009. Original deadline had been November, 2008. Official announcement extending deadline is:

This is an update regarding the selection process for the Edutopia Digital Youth Project. We had originally hoped to make final selections by December. We have received many great submissions and want to provide more time for our selection committee to review them thoroughly. Therefore, we have extended the selection process through January in order to give the submissions the attention they deserve.

Here is the text of the original invitation to participate…if your child is using digital media, encourage their participation! Winners get a FLIP video camera!

Text of the invitation:

The George Lucas Educational F oundation, publisher of Edutopia media,
including Edutopia video, Edutopia magazine, and Edutopia.org , has received a
grant from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to produce ten
multimedia portraits of youth ages 8–18 who are deeply immersed in digital
media of all kinds: blogs, social networks, virtual environments, games, media
making projects, and so on.

These portraits are intended to provide an in-depth look at how young people are
using new media for learning, socializing, and entertainment, giving adults insight
into the new generation’s digital lives. The portraits will feature a range of media,
produced by Edutopia staff as well as the youth themselves, including

• short (less than ten-minute) documentary segments that explore how young
people are using new media in their homes, schools, out-of-school activities,
and infor mal learning environments, and with their peers.
• interviews with youth to gain their reflections on these experiences.
• interviews with their parents, educators, and others.
• expert interviews commenting on and interpreting specific behaviors in the
• articles and text commentary placing the portr aits in the larger context of
digital-learning initiatives.
• examples of work these young people have produced, including photos, slide
presentations, videos, podcasts, music, games, essays, blogs, media diaries,
and Web sites.

The portraits will be published on Edutopia.org , and articles about them will appear
in several issues of Edutopia magazine and on the Web site beginning in February

Edutopia seeks candidates for these pr ofiles. We intend to illustrate a diversity of
age, ethnicity, geography, personal passions, type of media used, and success in
traditional academic settings. (For example, some individuals may struggle
academically but excel in using digital technologies.) We would also like to identify
teachers who are working with these students and have harnessed the power of
new media in traditional learning environments.

We would like to r eceive nominations for profile subjects, including video
submissions in the form of a one-minute first person reflection on how engagement
with new media has changed the way the individual learns. The individual should
also mention extracurr icular activities and interests that do not necessarily involve
digital media. We will use YouTube and TeacherTube to gather these submissions.

The 10 finalists chosen for full profiles produced by Edutopia will receive a Flip
Video Camcorder for their participation.

Deadline for Submissions (Extended): January, 2009

Here’s how to submit a video:

1. Create the video. The footage can consist of straightforward talking to the
camera, or something more creative.
2. Students introduce themselves with their first name only.
3. Students obtain written parental consent for taping and posting on the Internet if
they are younger than eighteen years old.
4. Post the video on YouTube or TeacherTube and tag it “ dyedutopia .”

You’ll need a (free) YouTube or TeacherTube account to do the upload. Videos may
be uploaded by nominating teachers, parents, or the students themselves. Please
note that YouTube users must be at least thirteen years old and TeacherTube users
must be educators.

You will find YouTube’s instructions for uploading here:

And for directions for tagging here:

After you have uploaded the video to YouTube or T eacherTube, please send an
email to dy@edutopia.org . Please include

• student contact information, including full name, age, and parental contact
• a description of how the student uses digital media (less than 300 words).
• links to or examples of digital media the student has produced.
• a brief explanation of the student’s activities and interests besides
involvement with digital media.
• a link to the video submission on YouT ube or T eacherTube.

The video submission is preferred but not essential; you can simply send us an
email with the above information minus the YouTube/TeacherTube link. We look
forward to hearing from and about some remarkable young people. Thanks!

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