Wondering how to embed images in blog posts? Well, it’s pretty easy with the right tools. Now that Flickr, PicasaWeb and Skitch accept images sent to them via email, you can pretty much upload photos you take with your mobile phone straight to your favorite one.

Some folks like to take screenshots–I do quite a bit–and there are a million ways to accomplish it. However, here are the easiest I’ve found on all 3 platforms that allow you to capture the whole screen, a window or a specific region you select on screen:

  1. On a Macintosh computer, use Skitch. Skitch is easy to use, allows for easy annotation of images, and just works exceedingly well. And, it allows for 1-2 click uploading of any image you are working on to your MySkitch repository. Skitch is phenomenal and I can’t say enough about it. You can capture the whole screen, a specific region you select…here’s an example of Skitch screen capture:
  2. On a Windows computer, use FSCapture. Not only can you capture and annotate–similar to Skitch–but you can also email your images. For fun, I was emailing FSCaptured images to MySkitch, but you can just as easily send them to PicasaWeb, which may have a more forgiving policy to screenshots than Flickr, which is photo centric. Here’s an example:
  3. On a GNU/Linux computer, use KSnapshot. While it lacks the built-in email the image capability of of Skitch and FSCapture, as well as the annotation components, it will do in a pinch. If you want, you can also use THE GIMP–graphic image manipulation program–to capture screenshots and then annotate in that image editing program. I don’t like to do it that way, though, having been spoiled by Skitch and FSCapture. The example for KSnapshot appears at the top of the blog entry.

All these programs are no-cost, of course, at this time. Do you have other suggestions?

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