Here is part 3 of my 3 part series of essential technology tools for administrators. I lost track of time and forgot about it coming out, so my apologies for not writing about it sooner!

Here’s the lead:

In this third in a series of three articles on “Five Essential Tools for Campus Administrators,” I suggest that R.E.A.C.H. is a way to help schools engage parents, as well as their children, in achieving students’ academic success.

Ask any principal or district administrator what they want most, and one of the responses is bound to include increased parental involvement. As a teacher, one of my most common complaints was, “Parents just do not seem to care about what’s happening at school.”

As I grew wiser, I realized it isn’t that they fail to care — sometimes, when one is a young educator, it’s easy to get fixated on assigning an “F” – but rather that they are no more engaged by schools than their children are. Imagine that parents, like their children who masquerade as our students during the day, have to be authentically engaged.
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Note that Mr. Rezac is quoted in this article! The dangers of conversation with a writer?

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