Source: Shanna Peeples at NCTE

I didn’t have much time on Saturday at NCTE, long enough to realize that I needed more time. However, after the ISTE-NETS-A refresh session, I walked out and visited some of the folks at the poster sessions. One of the titles that caught my eye was Writing as a Spiritual Practice.

Shanna P, shown above, encourages writing teachers to “pursue teachable moments.” Her advice was for students to ask “the big questions,” like “Why are we here? Are we alone in the universe? What happens when we die?” and encourage students to write about their responses…their honesty and “rawness of their responses” can catch you off-guard.

Now what really burns me up is that I either forgot to pick up Shana’s handout in the excitement (my camera battery died) or lost it. Either way, I don’t have any way to connect with her. She works in Amarillo ISD (Texas) but I was really looking forward to reviewing her handout when I had some time. Heck. I loved quotes like this one…and was looking forward to reading them at leisure (and sharing them with you).

Students find no meaning or connection to their own literacy, which creates a cycle of learned helplessness and lack of purpose.

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BTW, if you know Shanna’s contact info or have an electronic copy of her NCTE Poster session materials, let me know!

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