The draft version is out, and I’ve let it sit in my inbox for too long. By now, most who are interested will probably already have read about it…however, here it is for my own keeping (and out of my inbox):

Draft Statement:
Video and audio recording – including streaming – of sessions for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Recordings for noncommercial use may be made only with permission of the presenter as outlined on the permission key for each session. Any permitted recording should respect the presenter’s rights and not be disruptive.

What do I think about it? As long as the permission key is on the web as well as the conference program–and no reason to think it wouldn’t be–it won’t be a problem. I don’t care for the remark about not being “disruptive” since isn’t that what Read/Write Web technologies are defined as? DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGIES?

That said, it will probably be alright. If not, we can always petition for change. It’s a conversation, right?

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