As I was walking back in the general direction of my car, regretful I’d missed much of what NCTE Conference had to offer, I was shocked to see Bud “The Teacher” Hunt sharing to a gathered group of educators. As I tried for anonymity in the small crowd of ooohing and aaahing onlookers, basking in the glory of Bud Unleashed (smile), hoping to be ignored and dismissed as a simple supplicant at the feet of Socrates Bud, he looked out and recognized me with a question I didn’t know the answer to! Sigh, to be found wanting in the sight of Bud.

And, unsurprisingly, I learned about something I could use in the 5 minutes I stopped to listen, something I am eager to try out when I get back to work–
(or, for Bud sycophants, that’s )

I’d never heard of Tokbox and I wonder if it wouldn’t meet the needs of this principal:

My principal wants to be able to conference live with colleagues while she is in Washington DC. Can we use Skype to do this? I checked and the website is blocked…Do you have an alternative suggestion? Please let me know because she is a part of the Harvard Principal group and they are presenting to the Superintendent next month. Please let me know.

While I’m not sure it will be accessible, I’m grateful to Bud–in a few brief moments–for sharing something I didn’t know. Thanks!

Oh, and Bud, I had no idea what UVC was but now, I do! Thanks! My only question is, what was the brand name and model of that web cam you were using (you can see it perched atop his laptop screen)?

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