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As some of you may know, I’m in the middle of running a 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger challenge on Teach42 right now. We’re getting close to the end, and I thought as one of the final posts, it’d be nice to share blogging tips from some of my own personal favorite bloggers. So I’m hoping each of you would be willing to share one small tip for people who are striving to be a better blogger.

Don’t need to type up a full paragraph or anything, just looking for one pearl of wisdom from each of you if possible. Something you’d tell people if they asked you what they could do to be a better blogger.

My poorly considered response appears below:

First tip – Listen to yourself as you experience other’s writing, media, as well as your interactions. Juxtapose your thoughts and reactions with those ideas…explore the differences, challenge why you agree, or don’t, with them. Then, write from that perspective…what you feel and think matters, don’t belittle…treasure it.

Another tip – share what you are learning as you learn it. We learn every minute of our day, but can only share a small fraction of that, and half-remember ourselves from one day to the next what we learn…share what lies at the edge of consciousness, what you have to remember and wish to externalize for easy reference.Then, you can google yourself…and you will find yourself online.

last one – play with your ideas and your writing, like a cat with a ball of yarn that forgets to hold back. When you can do that with what you’ve learned from others as well as yourself of endless abandonment–play–well, then you’re in the Zone.

I have to admit I was tempted to do a list of top 10 blogging tips but…I like these a lot.

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